Are You Mobile App Ready?

By September 25, 2012Business

Mobile app technology continues to offer event marketers new ways to engage audiences.

Recently Mashable reported how more shoppers are going mobile, reinforcing the fact that consumers are increasingly accessing the web via their mobile devices (Smith, 2012). In fact, the article pointed out that the mobile share of e-commerce traffic doubled in less than six months (Smith, 2012). Retailers have figured this out and are racing to develop mobile sites and apps to target customers.

As event marketers, we too can seize the opportunity to engage customers. The beauty of mobile apps, besides the obvious information push, is that they’re engaging by nature. The apps promote exhibitor interaction; allow for ease of content sharing, disseminate important event highlights, link to social media, and foster networking. And once a customer has downloaded your app – you’ve truly captured their mind space and the possibilities are endless in how you engage with them, long after the event is complete. There’s a wealth of data and information to be gathered from an app’s analytics – insights we were previously unable to gather.

Working mobile apps into our communications and event programs is truly transforming the way we engage audiences.  There’s never been a better way to capture and retain customers.

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