No Content, No Story!

By February 6, 2013Business

There’s a whole revolution in the world of content marketing. Some of the biggest brands like Virgin and American Express have invested in marketing campaigns centered on original content that builds, engages, and strengthens their brand communities ( In a world where people are flooded with content, unique and meaningful content solely grasps their attention, and brands are now distinguishing and utilizing that concept to strengthen their brand awareness. However, this concept has always been around in the event planning world.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an event? Beautiful décor, delicious food, flashing lights, upbeat music, networking – you name it! When we think of an event, the first thing we think of, the most important part of the entire event, is content! Without content, there’s no story to tell.

The goal of every event planner is to send a captivating message that not only builds community but also resonates with them afterwards. Without the right content brought to life with visuals and production, an event won’t captivate an audience nor leave a lasting impression. In our minds, content carries to absolutely every event element, even the simple ones like signage, collateral, networking events. What’s the story you’re trying to tell? It should be uniquely woven into every element and activity. Events that have been dubbed successful have always relied on unique and meaningful content. Yes, physical gimmicks can attract and lure an audience, but it’s the content that will really seal the deal for you on whether they hit register. And the story they actually experience will ultimately be remembered. That’s why content has and always will be a priority for us while designing the perfect event!