The Role of Selective Competitiveness

By June 27, 2012Business

Last week, we saw Microsoft surprise the marketplace with the launch of their Surface tablet. While there was much to celebrate in that launch, the underlying story for us is to understand the role that selective competitiveness plays in a company’s culture.

Microsoft, often targeted as ‘left behind’ in mobile technology, dug in and demonstrated once again why they are a corporate giant.  It’s a study in competitiveness all business owners should heed.   And it emphasizes the need for continual introspection and reinvention.  Forget the overused word ‘innovation’ and let’s get down to basics:  What do good company’s do in order to survive?   Why they compete.  Oh yes, they chart a course, develop business plans—but then they adapt and change course and set out new business plans.  Why?  To remain competitive and not be left behind.

We found a recent article in Entrepreneur magazine worth sharing.   There’s some gems in there around not allowing yourself to become distracted by the competition, but rather to “focus on perfecting your own business.”