The 3 W’s

By June 3, 2015Business

The 3 W’s

Why, What, Who

Often we’re asked to pull a save the date together, develop a preliminary website so customers can register early for a conference, “Let’s just get something up there so customers can register.”

There are a lot of differentiating opinions on this one, but here’s a hard and fast rule we live by:

If you are at the point where you are asking your customers to mark their calendar, save the date, register now, you need to tell them why.

And the Why connects to the What.

The What connects to the Who.

To simplify:

I’m awesome customer and you send me an invitation to your awesome conference.

Why should I care?

What is happening?  Who is speaking? 

And therein lies the reason awesome customer will hit register. If your customer doesn’t know what the content is, who is speaking, and who will be there, then they don’t have enough information to make a decision to attend your conference.

Build your agenda, finalize your line-up, then invite your customers.

It means you need start planning early, but we can guarantee you, the results will speak for themselves.