What is the soul?

By May 25, 2015Business

Beyond the content, the formality of your conference, you’ll hear us use these words A LOT, it’s one of the questions we use to measure an event.

“What is the soul of your event?”

If it doesn’t have one – then it’s time to re-visit what you are doing.

For us, what is the soul of your event, is how we determine achieving that emotional connection with your audience.

It’s the indefinable moment when a group of people come together and really begin to connect, with one another, with you.

Often clients will ask for something in particular – maybe it’s a comedian to open a keynote – and we say, Why? How will this help you connect with your audience?

And maybe a comedian is just the thing, but we’ll need to work carefully to tie it all together with your brand. Just like we work carefully on every event element from the moment of registration, every reception, evening event, keynote and stage effects, right down to the giveaway.

We like to be masters of surprise. Every single moment needs to have a reason so that your audience walks away with that warm and fuzzy feeling about you and your event and comment “Oh look what they did.”

So the next time you sit down to create your event – ask yourself – what is it you’ll do to connect with your audience not just on a business or intellectual level, but on an emotional level that makes them remember your event.

What is the soul?