2016 was a busy year, but we sure had a lot of fun!  Thank you to all our clients for placing your faith in us in 2016. Together, we dreamed big, and made it different in every way.

We’ve asked the team to tell us some of their favourites from the year that we’ll use to draw inspiration from for upcoming events. Here’s a snapshot of some of the highlights:

From Van
Event: Facebook Brand Summit

A beautiful venue, The Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, served as the perfect backdrop for a Facebook event – clean, bright, and polished. #BeWhereLifeHappens was the message we brought to life. We had a load of fun planning a picnic theme for guests, which included a booster shot wall and takeaway lunch boxes.

Booster Shot Wall:

Picnic Box Lunch Shelves:

Stairway Branding:

Customized Picnic Blanket Giveaway:


From: Nathalie & Piph
Simple staging for Dell events

If there’s one important thing we learned last year, it’s that it doesn’t have to be big money for a big impact. Check out some of our simple stage designs.

Wide Screens – Partner Summit:

Customer Summit Stage utilizing brand photography:


From Jill
Event: Facebook Picnic – Summer Employee Party

When Facebook came to us with an empty space at Cherry Beach for their end-of-summer party, we knew this would be an enjoyable one to plan. This DIY party really brought out the kid in all of us. Complete with balloons, water sports, picnic games, lounging, and a BBQ – it was truly a day of fun!


Beach Volleyball & Water Sport Area:

Serene Massage Location:

Balloon Decor:

Floatie Fun:


From Cassie, Caitlyn and Nicole
Event: D2L Fusion

Washington DC served as the host city for this year’s FUSION, where we dreamed big. With a large stage design, and one unbelievable event at Newseum where our creativity kicked in huge, it was a conference to remember!

We call it the “Partyvator” (Bar inside an elevator):

Newseum Views:

Main Stage Design:


From Van and Nat
Event: Facebook Playmore

This was probably our most beautiful event; and the best part is, it was held at the Facebook Office! Not only did it look great, but there were additional moving elements that made it even better – complete with a customized creation for executive breakfasts, artistic entertainment, and creative F&B:

Stage Design (Yes…this is in an office):

Unique & Interactive Menu:


Crazy Plate Lady – Added in some playful elements to Executive Roundtables:


From Jill and Nancy
Event: Dell All-Employee Event

It was the perfect evening to kick-off the summer at Evergreen Brickworks! The main stage session took place in half of the event space, leading up to the curtain reveal of all the fun for the night: food trucks, picnic elements, arcade games, interactive photo walls, and a live band!

Food trucks & a picnic set-up:


From Nancy:
Event: Salesforce Executive events

We had the privilege of producing high touch events for Salesforce at some of  Canada’s most renowned restaurants. How can you beat Susur Lee in Toronto?

Private Dining Room:


From Lisa and Josh
Event: GMC Inspire Days

With Marco Island Marriott on the Gulf as our playground, we couldn’t have picked a better spot to combine business and networking – outside by the palm trees, on the beach, and jungle themed evening events made for one beautiful week (even through a Hurricane watch!)

Reception at sunset:

Outdoor Registration (we were in Florida…we had to!):

Jungle Glow Party:

Meals in the Pavilion:

Custom Sand Castle (even if it had to move indoors because of the rain!):

Funky main stage:

We’d like to thank all of our clients for a wonderful “event-full” year!