Canadian Health Informatics Awards (CHIA) Gala

By November 10, 2011Corporate Events

Last night’s Canadian Health Informatics Awards Gala, CHIA, co-hosted by ITAC Health and Canada’s Health Informatics Association was a testament to the passion of some great minds from across Canada who are committed to the advancement of healthcare technology in our country. If you’ve spent any time in an emergency room in the past several months, I’m sure you found ‘crisis’ doesn’t even begin to describe the state our health care system will be in – in only a matter of years, as the boomers age.

And it’s no secret that technology will have to be a driver – for change and in updating antiquated systems – if we are to meet the growing strain on the healthcare system.

As we watched the delightful dynamic in the room last evening, it caused us to ponder the efficacy of awards programs.

Annual programs such as these serve us all by:

  • providing a networking forum for those at the grass roots of the industry
  • building awareness of best practices and projects being undertaken across the country – programs others can learn from and then strive to implement in their own communities.

Doctors, nurses, health care professionals and companies from Nova Scotia to the prairies were honoured and celebrated, and the programs they developed were promoted. The bottom line ends up right where it counts – benefitting communities from coast to coast.
Kudos to ITAC and COACH for their commitment to technological advancement in healthcare and for being the driving force behind such a powerful gathering. Check out the winners here