Events=Stressful job

By December 2, 2014Corporate Events

@Mashable – You got us thinking, and laughing, about your most stressful jobs post, with events being one of them.

We canvassed our team and here’s why stress tops the list for event peeps:

  1. You always have to ‘make it better’
  2. As one colleague said, “There’s no failing quietly with events”
  3. Everything changes. In no particular order, here’s a small list of things that change – no matter the size of an event
    • the agenda – we’ve gone up to rev 19
    • the keynote speaker
    • the dates – yes this has happened, even though our client is only days away from an event
    • the hotel – just because
    • the seating plan —  say no more
    • the event has grown so much we need an overflow hotel
    • there are no more hotel rooms at nearby hotels
    • now we need more buses
    • and more food
    • there is no standard file for graphic files. Event peeps you know what we mean because every time you provide instructions for graphic files you still get itty bitty little files you can’t use for anything, let alone a sign the size of a billboard.
    • the CEO’s meetings change – every five minutes
    • the CEO’s briefing docs need updating – every five minutes. And for some reason everyone has the wrong version-even though you have a file sharing site
    • your keynote speaker didn’t listen to the agenda you’ve provided or your briefing and your schedule is 30 minutes off – so now you have to decide if you should cut him/her short and start playing Oscar style music
    • attendance is too low / or too high
    • executives miss their rehearsal time and now need to rehearse late into the evening = overtime costs
    • so your budget changes

4. There is no other job in a company that has more eyes on it – right up to the CEO – which means  your client is always acting like they’re on high alert for an attack. Of nuclear proportions.

5. When you run registration what you are really signing up for is to be everyone’s mom for: arrival, departure, oops I missed my flight, oops I didn’t cancel and why is my credit card being charged. I don’t eat eggs. Can I bring my wife, my son, my dog.

6. Everyone – and we mean everyone–has an opinion about the giveaways

7. People only attend events to receive the giveaways

8. We have bad dreams (yes they’re always bad) like clockwork, two weeks before an event.  They go something like this:

  • I woke up at the time my flight was supposed to be taking off for the event
  • I forgot to order internet
  • The keynote speaker didn’t listen to the briefing to ‘keep it clean, please’ and has filled his/her keynote with off-color jokes and profanity. People are leaving
  • No one laughs at the comedian. Wait this guy wasn’t even supposed to be a comedian.
  • None of our signage showed up
  • We didn’t book flights and the event is tomorrow
  • I’m at the wrong venue – where is everyone?

We’re sure you can see yourself somewhere in the above. So happy holiday season event peeps!