From Class to Career: What I’ve learned in my first three months in the real world

As a recent graduate, I can attest that learning does not end once you’ve crossed the stage with that diploma in your hand. From studying the world of event planning, to joining of a team of #eventprofs, here are a few things I’ve learned thus far:

Manage the Venue:

  • After you’ve exchanged email after email with the banquet team, you’ve sent 6 versions of the agenda for the day and you’ve given final numbers, the event should not be left at the hands of the venue staff. It’s important to remember that the event is still your project and that the client is yours. Managing the venue and keeping a keen eye on the staff is important to ensure the flow of the day is not disrupted and that your event runs smoothly.

Ask Questions:

  • Sometimes remembering to ask questions is easier said than done, as often event coordinators are working at the speed of light to meet deadlines and iron out details with clients. I’ve learned that no question is too big or small and that even if the question has already been asked, it’s important to ask them anyways so you personally gain more clarity on the situation. This diffuses the potential for miscommunication and blurred lines amongst your team.

Team Work makes the Dream Work:

  • I’m the type of person that when in a new role, I want to know the ins and outs of the position instantly. I’ve faced the fact that this isn’t something that happens overnight and there are lessons that need to materialise to become comfortable with key processes. How do you become more understanding of a role? Have a seasoned team to back you up, study them, and lean on them to show you the ropes while building your own ropes along the way.

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