How we overachieved our Attendance Target

By March 30, 2012Corporate Events

Recently, we overachieved our attendance target for an upcoming conference (in fact, we didn’t just overachieve, we blew it out of the water). As we dealt with hotels to add room blocks, the question was put to us, ‘Is it because of your outstanding marketing capabilities, the allure of Seattle (conference location) or the stellar Canadian dollar’.

Ahem – I would say our outstanding marketing skills.  But in all seriousness, and in reality, let’s say a combination of all three.

  • We created awareness and made it clear we were offering compelling content.
  • The client’s corporate campus is a desirable location.
  • The dollar and the economy are both working in our favour.

More than ever, as the economy continues to do its pendulum swing, we see smart companies continue to talk to their customers – in a purposeful, thoughtful way.