Making magic happen at events

By July 22, 2013Corporate Events

When it all comes together in conference planning and production – and that magic happens – it’s great to be part of the experience.

Here’s the formula we found at a recent event:

Committed executives an excited and motivated employee base Engaged audience

If they say a corporate culture is dependent on its leadership – then a company that has committed executives who not only lead, but join the ranks of their employees (and actually enjoy doing so) sets a dynamic culture. Committed executives take the time to prepare, they spend time with their employees too. For this client, it meant full dry runs – several of them. They took their content and keynote prep seriously folks. They saw the value in the full production. The results: a production that sang. It wasn’t overly rehearsed. It felt spontaneous. It felt genuine. I’m not saying there weren’t last minute changes, but everyone’s commitment made them happen.

Excitement is contagious and inspiring. Executive commitment meant employees were excited. It was evident they are pumped working for this company and it showed. Everyone around us was happy – WOW. They felt valued – and so did we.

And that translated to excitement in the room – you could feel it from the more than 1200 customers in attendance. Engaged, attentive, the energy was through the roof. . . right down to the standing ovation for the closing keynote speaker.