By September 19, 2014Corporate Events

From LED bracelets with audience participation to featuring tablet technology at registration…

We tweeted in our #ideafriday about using technology at registration  which made us think of some other techie things to share with you. Here’s what we’ve found works well along with some cool new finds:

Tablets at registration: When your client is a leading technology company-you should be using their technology right? Which is why we threw out the traditional onsite registration check-in process and developed a system that would feature Dell tablets for guests to do an easy self check-in. Heck, if airports can push through thousands – we thought tablet technology would be more user friendly. We love it when attendees agree, telling us it was the easiest check-in process ever!

Barcode session scanner: Those little palm size scanners pack a powerful techie punch. Our developer programmed them to sync with our reg system and capture attendee data at sessions and the exhibit showcase. #greatdata

XyloBands LED: Wondering how to use some cool new technology for some event fun? These LED bracelets brought D2L’s keynote at Fusion 2014 to life. Orchestrated by the client with a vision to build in audience participation to the keynote TLC is Creative was engaged: LED bracelets were left at each place setting with a note informing attendees they were part of the show. As the new brand was announced-the bracelets lit up. The lights continued to flash to the music during the launch video. The audience was part of the session as  D2L launched a new brand and the keynote came alive with music and light!

Live photo feed–  You may have seen jumbo photo walls with twitter feeds at live sporting events.  There’s some great software out there to replicate those photo feeds at events.  This allows you to split screens and have a continual feed of photos playing live throughout your event. A great way to engage attendees!

Tell us about some of your recent event techie features!