By April 14, 2014Corporate Events

Every so often we’re reminded why we love our job so much.

It’s that moment . . .
The one when we get to  see ideas become reality.
It’s looking at the blank canvas  of an empty theatre and imagining it transformed from this:
To this:
Or looking down a long length of hallway and plotting through the logistics of how to use the space for registration. So it can go from this:
To this:
It’s that moment when we’ve worked through hours of creative and design, with revision after revision for an executive’s presentation and someone in the audience tweets this:
“Serious props to whoever produced this presentation. I’ve seen a lot of them, this one is really good!”
It’s that feeling of gratification when a client says the event that’s been weeks or months in the planning has generated significant leads and opportunities. 
That’s why we love it. And we just have so much darn fun doing it!