Support Services

  • Cloud based e-commerce registration solution
  • Integration
  • Name badge design
  • Session Builders
  • Attendance Tracker
  • Hotel & Travel Management
  • Event evaluations
  • On demand printing
  • Payment gateway
  • Mobile app

Cloud based e-commerce registration solution

Our platform is easy to navigate, and efficient


Our in-house developers can integrate your CRM and internal tools and platforms with the event registration solution.

Name badge design

Badge design can be technology enabled and include agenda integration.

Session Builders

Easy to use and navigate for your guests to build their agenda and conference experience with ease.

Attendance Tracker

Track attendee attendance and activity through our scanner technology and gain valuable attendance insights.

Hotel & Travel Management

Global venue relationships and experienced team allow for accommodation and travel logistics, including air travel and ground transportation.

Event evaluations

We manage event evaluation with high response rate so you gain immediate insight to the attendee experience.

On demand printing

The registration solution allows for a seamless on-site check-in process.

Payment gateway

Integrate with your own system or utilize our TK merchant account.

Mobile app

Completely customizable and an in-pocket tool for attendees to enter the event with elegance and ease.

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