A milestone A milestone

A milestone

Last week was a truly exhilarating and inspirational one for us with so many milestones.

  • We surpassed 100 events in our virtual platform since the beginning of the pandemic!
  • We had over 15,000 attendees in six separate events
  • But having a front row (backstage seat) to some of the greatest keynote speakers has been a true privilege.

If you haven't read these author's books - put them on your Christmas list:

  • Simon Sinek talked about two of the most vital leadership qualities - Courage and Integrity.
  • Seth Godin - people don't want your authentic self - they want your true self.
  • Robyne Hanley-Dafoe - the reality is - the future has always been uncertain.
  • Capping it off with Bob Geldoff had me seriously fangirling where he quoted poets and talked about how, sadly, we've been at these troubled times in history before.

All of them talked about making time for your wellness. A good message for all of us right now.




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