Support Services

  • Virtual Venues
  • Networking
  • Social Engagement
  • Live Stream, Broadcast Level Production
  • Registration Platform development
  • Key Event Features
  • Event analytics

Virtual Venues

A customizable branded Lobby, General Sessions with main stage design, Breakouts, Networking and Interactive features, Virtual Exhibit Booths


Increase engagement with our custom designed Roundtable feature

Social Engagement

Increase engagement and attendee interaction with Entertainment, Gamification and activities, all custom-designed and integrated in the platform.

Live Stream, Broadcast Level Production

Ubiquitous streaming networking available in all geographies and multi-languages.

Registration Platform development

Invitations, event registration logistics and communications, agenda building make for a seamless experience. Full reporting & analytics. Event Evaluations.

Key Event Features

Live chat - text and 1:1 video chats, Q&A, Live polls Gamification. Integration with your video-conferencing platform.

Event analytics

Your personal event dashboard provides insights and analytics of the attendee experience and delivers on sponsor ROI.

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