Support Services

  • Registration for In Person and Virtual Events
  • Event Technology Integration
  • Mobile app
  • Augmented Reality Experiences
  • Virtual Event Venues

Registration for In Person and Virtual Events

Invitations, event registration logistics and event communications, complete with agenda building, make for a seamless in person and virtual event experience. Full reporting & analytics. Event Evaluations that deliver ROI. Event software and technology that is intuitive and immersive.

Event Technology Integration

Our in-house developers can integrate your CRM and internal tools and platforms with our event registration solution, so that you capture and track customers and event attendees through your sales funnel.

Mobile app

Increase attendee engagement with an event app. Completely customizable and an in-pocket tool for attendees to enter the event with elegance and ease and promote attendee networking. Ask us about our leaderboard and gamification features in the event app.Completely customizable and an in-pocket tool for your live audience to access the event with elegance and ease.

Augmented Reality Experiences

There's no end to the talent of our designers and developers. Tell your brand story through AR - a unique way to engage your event community and event attendees.

Virtual Event Venues

A customizable branded Lobby, General Sessions with main stage design, Breakouts, Networking and Interactive features, Virtual Exhibit Booths, Engagement Tools and Gamification are all part of our unique designs. In person events, virtual and hybrid events all come together with a seamless event technology solution.

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