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Put the latest technology to work for your event design and conferences today!

So you've just adopted the latest in event technology  - now what?

There's an interesting phenomenon going on within the event industry: Those who "get" event technology and those who are afraid of it. Too often we see clients and event organizers struggle with implementing their event technology. Yet, if we’re going to meet consumer and attendee expectations, having a seamless event technology plan is key to a successful event. 


Choose A Company Focused on Innovation


Think Technology + Service

We're here to say event tech can be easy. It's more than simply the purchase you've made from event tech companies. We'd go a step further and say there's incredible power behind event technology. It delivers data driven results. Once you understand the ROI and how to make all that data work for you, there's magic that happens.

Recently, our Director, Jill Knox, presented a 'How Data Drives Sales Excellence' session with our partners at VenuIQ at International Confex in London, UK. Judging by the standing room only crowd, we can tell event tech and how it relates to success is a hot topic right now with event planners. The questions we received prompted us to share more here.

As event technology evolves and becomes integral to the engine powering an event, it's more important than ever to go beyond an event technology trend and understand that it's not just about the product you purchase. The most successful events we produce are when event organizers understand they require a product + service - the team with technical expertise to implement it all in one seamless solution. Think of it in the same way IT Services companies operate in delivering a suite of hardware, software plus services to a corporation.

Our in-house developers and registration team have quickly solidified themselves as an integral part of every event, working closely with clients to design, code, and implement their event technology plan.

With the right event platform and event services team in place you can count on new ideas to shape your event and engage attendees.


How to Choose the Right Event Tech

Integration is key: All systems need to talk to one another in order to provide a seamless attendee experience. We need to be thinking beyond event technologies in silos and focus on how event tech enables data that leads to results. Simply put, data is the most valuable asset of your events.


An Event tech check list to get the most out of your event registration and event tech systems:

It all starts with a brief so that your event platform captures the right data and delivers on your KPI's.

Bulletin! The right event brief with your agency as a partner, enables success. The right event brief equals happy event organizers, happy customers and event attendees, and the secret sauce to a successful event.

Your registration system needs to capture everything you want to know about your attendees beyond just name and email.

In a detailed brief we'll capture everything you want to know about your event attendees.

With an all in one registration solution the event journey begins the moment the invitation is deployed, right through to on-site check-in including hotel bookings, event communications, complete with a payment system.

Speaker and sponsor portals are all integrated within the registration platform to manage deliverables and large files.

Registration should connect to your CRM system. Our developers begin working on your event right from the beginning of the lead cycle, coding and integrating your CRM with our registration system for instant lead tracking.

Integrating your mobile app with your registration system allows attendee data to be captured and behaviour immediately tracked within the event app, gathering analytics on customer personas. Their event journey tells a story that provides critical intelligence to your marketing and sales teams.

We get the most out of our mobile apps when our developers create gamification along with an event leaderboard for prizes. Cleverly designed games within the app leads to high engagement and happy sponsors.

Venue maps, speakers and exhibitor profiles are all part of a valuable event app.

Session tracking and lead scanning via Bluetooth tracking, beacons or QR codes are integrated into name badges for scanning. The possibilities are endless to measure results and sponsors receive valuable leads.

Matchmaking allows for networking and connections.

All of your event technology is a perfect opportunity to promote engagement and industry networking, but also demonstrate value to potential partners.

In short, designing your event registration system with all the right event tech integrations is key to success!


Consider Event Goals


Measuring ROI and Event Analytics

It all begins and ends with your event data. Creating the systems to deliver on your KPI's and event objectives. An all encompassing solution for your in person, virtual and hybrid events. Ask us about our Experience+ package for your integrated event strategy.

Surveys that link questions back to your KPI's are deployed immediately to event attendees.

Our final report includes all your event results in one powerful document. It's actionable and useful and can be shared with sponsors to measure ROI.

In fact, we think it's kind of fun to paint that picture for you so that you can use your event data and results in planning for your next event and delivering valuable customer insights to sales and marketing.


Don't Overlook Hybrid Readiness

Let's talk about the value of virtual events as part of your event technology strategy.

With one integrated solution we're able to offer an immersive virtual event experience. Event production is made easy with the integration of more event tech for your live and virtual events, from streaming presentations, networking and engagement tools such as Slido for your live audience and virtual attendees to all participate in keynotes. Your hybrid event comes to life with all audiences engaged in a flawless event experience.


Virtual Event Venues

Want more efficiency?  Now you can invite your sponsors to build their own event booth in six easy steps within our virtual event venues.

Once again, an integrated solution allows us to connect all your event data into useable information across all audiences. Shout out to our registration and development teams for all the work they do behind the scenes to make magic happen! 

Don't say The End. The virtual event allows on-demand access to content captured from your in person events, allowing event organizers to engage with attendees long after the event.

In summary, your event technology is more than a coffee pot you take out and plug in. It's an integrated suite of event software, solutions, tools and services, all part of a seamless event technology experience.

If you'd like a copy of the Confex Presentation - fill out the form below and we'll share it directly with you, or connect with us to discuss your event technology needs!



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