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This was a labour of love for our team.

Who else has been trying to find ways to keep your remote team connected? I'm acutely aware that our mental health through the pandemic is a real struggle & that everyone's personal circumstances are so different. We have 15 new team members. We've had pregnant Moms, new parents, young people moving home w. their parents, young people living alone, young parents having to be Mom/Dad/teacher/employee, parents having to look after their own parents. The struggle is real. Connecting with one another is critical & we do what we can with weekly team happy hours & smaller team socials. Recently, we hosted our own #virtualteambuilding event & oh my, was it ever needed & did so much for our MOOD.

Here's what we did:

  • We engaged BarChef to host a Mixology Workshop 
  • A Bar Kit w. snacks was couriered-even to BC & UK!
  • We created our own Virtual Venue b/c we deserve it!
  • We tested a new video chat within the venue - a surprise to the team so there was some genuine OMGEES when everyone logged in
  • Then we entered a Virtual Escape Room challenge. 30 of us placed in teams of 5.
  • Afterwards we all just stayed online & chatted (enjoyed our drinks). It was the perfect way to beat some of those winter blahs & I'd highly recommend it!

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