International Women's Day International Women's Day

International Women's Day

A year ago we did our last live event for The WIT Network International Women's Day. Today we're hosting an International Women's Day client event in our #virtualeventplatform. I can 100% tell you when I sent the all-company 'stay at home' email a few short days after The WIT Network event, I didn't expect to be here a year later. What a year it has been! Facing the complete standstill of our business is not something I'd ever imagined. Never mind re-inventing our agency with the most talented team, who let me tell you faced this down like we were going to war. I guess you could say we did.

We're a proud, woman-owned business and a mighty executive team of women who are passionate, authentic and deeply experienced marketing and event professionals and I couldn't be prouder to say we're in this together with them. Here's to all the women who have come through an incredible year of challenges and who continue to lift us up.

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