Virtual Engagement Virtual Engagement

How do we make our virtual event engaging?

I've talked a lot about how much people are craving interaction - lockdown fatigue is real! For a recent client awards event, here's how we engaged and turned up the FUN! Welcome to the cruise ship - we know nothing replaces an IRL sunny setting - but who wants to celebrate their big moment via a zoom meeting or webinar?

On the cruise ship attendees could:

  • Join the main stage awards presentation (thanks Speakers'​ Spotlight for the talented hosts - James Cunningham and Jessica Holmes).
  • Watch and vote in a lip sync battle - this group was TALENTED!
  • Enjoy a private concert by The Barenaked Ladies.
  • The Bistro was where attendees could meet with executives.
  • On the veranda, a host of interactive options awaited them - including a selfie booth, trivia, Bingo, and a Casino to play a round or two of blackjack.

Exploring the ship held so many hidden surprises. Engaging? You Bet!

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