Virtual event learnings Virtual event learnings

We're still learning

Planning a client's #SundanceFilmFestival virtual event has us focusing on the future of virtual. Here's some learnings our team has pulled together from over 100 #virtualevents in our platform.
1. We won't be going back to before. If you're not thinking of how you will be hybrid - start now!

2. It may look easy but virtual is more complex. It means working with IT, your graphics and comms teams, & production.

3. Plan your budget. For one production alone we had 24 crew members/computers to produce the general session.

4. More on Production. While we love ourselves a zoom meeting - nothing beats a slick production.

5. Pre-recorded is just fine thank you. Live streaming pre-recorded content works - see the inauguration and live awards shows as examples!

6. Audiences are craving connections. You can deliver that with chat, video conferencing, and audience engagement tools which leads us to our next point...

7. You can have fun. Putting the fun in engagement is actually easier.

8. The world isn't ending if things go wrong. Technology glitches are part of our every day, have a game plan to respond to problems.

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