What It Means To Be A Creative Agency What It Means To Be A Creative Agency

At TK Events, our event management approach is uniquely centered around Experience Design. Recently, our leaders, Claire Duncan and Liz Nutting, led a series of sessions at Go West focused on experiential events, titled 'The Art of Curating Event Experiences'. The presentation emerged as one of the highest attended sessions on the main stage, underlining the demand for creative event planning. The audience was eager to learn about crafting original, unique experiences, infusing creativity into events, and ensuring measurable success.

Strategic Event Planning

For us, event planning begins by aligning closely with our clients’ objectives, using them as the foundation to develop strategies for creating memorable and creative events. Every event element is addressed with a focus on the attendee journey through innovative event solutions and immersive experiences that are integrated into every aspect of the event.

The benefits of partnering with a creative agency in event planning means you don’t get off the shelf. Event concepts go beyond standard solutions; and deliver engaging, brand-centric event experiences.

Creative Event Management

A recent highlight was planning a corporate employee holiday party across three cities: Toronto, Montreal, and Kitchener/Waterloo, engaging over 3,400 attendees.

The primary goal was to celebrate employees at a year-end event designed to be inclusive and non-denominational, especially significant in today's post-pandemic workplace. The challenge was not just to fill a room but to create meaningful memories and connections.

Our brainstorming always involves asking – how can this event stand out? What unique twist can we apply to familiar elements to ensure this holiday party is unforgettable? Our event strategy aimed to capture the whimsy and magic of the holidays, appealing to a broad audience. Here’s how we made the Holiday Party an experiential event.

Creative Event Experiences

The event concept was centered around a Candyland Theme – a nod to the timely Wonka release and a vibrant, pink, Barbie-themed year. With a strong emphasis on Event Design and Creativity, our goal was for attendees to feel fully immersed in a Candyland world.

Key elements designed to unite colleagues included interactive branded games, thematic food activations, and exciting media opportunities.

TK Events designers crafted a candy swirl design as the visual identity for the events, seamlessly integrated throughout the experience. The design tied to our vibrant color scheme around candy and was applied to all event elements, evoking emotions that transported attendees to a joyful, nostalgic, and indulgent escape.

Greeted by our candy crew in classic red and white stripes, surrounded by oversized candy props and an enormous balloon décor entrance treatment, attendees were instantly transported into a bespoke Candyland.

Bespoke Event Solutions

Inside the main event space, a DJ spinning contemporary hits, branded games, and a 360 photo booth added more playfulness. Elaborate candy bars complete with ‘grab and go’ bags, and unique activations like edible balloons and nitro popcorn, ensured a full Candyland experience. Each area, with branded props and décor featured the pastel candy swirl design, echoing the event's creative vision.

The team’s event planning creativity was put to the test to adapt the concepts across three distinct venues, ensuring each city's event was a resounding success.

This approach to the holiday party was the perfect, fun way to wrap up our year of events.

Fun Data:

- Cities: Toronto, Montreal, Kitchener/Waterloo
- Attendees: 3,400
- Candy Used: Over 500 pounds

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